The VR Timeline

280 AD

When Euclid “father of geometry” was the first to Recognize depth perception is obtained when each eye simultaneously receives one of two dissimilar images of the same object.


Sir Charles Wheatstone produces 1st Stereoscopic 3D Image.


Scottish Scientist Sir David Brewster developed Brewster Stereoscope, which became the template for all future stereoscopic viewing.


William Gruber & Harold Graves Team up to create the first widely distributed commercially stereoscope the Viewmaster.

The deve 1960

US Navy launches Transit Satellite based positioning system to aid in ship navigation


U.S. Military begins planning comprehensive worldwide navigational system known as GPS -Global Positioning System


Apple’s Introduces QuickTime VR


Colin Johnson creates 1st  Modern Day VR experience of Dudley Castle.

Term Virtual Tour is coined as a cross between Virtual Reality and Royal Tour


Keyhole Inc is founded


Google acquirers Keyhole Earth Viewer becomes Google Earth.


Google begins mapping the World Google Street View.

Virtual Technologies Start-ups begin quest for Best Virtual Travel Applications.


Everyscape Launches blur algorithm


VTour Introduces Industry 1st Hyper-lapse Virtual Travel.


Google Launches Business View


VTour Wins Best Innovation in Virtual Technology – Advertising Age


Oculus Rift Raises $2.5 Million on Kickstarter


Facebook Buys Oculus Rift for Two Billion

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